CRC – Change Readiness

In the Flow of Time: Navigating in Change!

In today's dynamic world, one question is crucial: What map do you use to navigate through constant change? Our innovative digital Thrindix CRC Change Readiness Check provides you with the answers you need for effective change management. With this tool, you can accurately measure how prepared your organization is for change. It makes it possible to identify potential resistance at an early stage and to develop targeted communication or change measures based on this. Our approach follows the proven ADKAR model – Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, Reinforcement – to ensure that every stage of the change process is carefully addressed.

Our aspiration? To prepare and accompany you and your organization for this uncertain journey in the best possible way. We understand that change requires more than just a strategy – it's about creating a culture of adaptability and constant learning. Let's walk this path together to future-proof your organization and resilient to the challenges of tomorrow.

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