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Your business is Human Resources and you want to take the next step to offer your managers a systemic, digital tool for their own location assessment?

Let us say it right away: We are not the right solution for every situation:

(1) If you have a lot of time and resources at your disposal to deal with digital questionnaires and the design of evaluations, and you also have a very clear picture of which dimensions you want to query with which questions in your 360° feedback, then we are probably not the right offer. There are cheaper solutions for that. Just look around at the big online survey tool providers.

(2) However, if you want to avoid the hassle of creating a 360° feedback, get really good advice on formulating systemic-based questions and at the same time offer your demanding managers innovative and unique evaluations, then you've come to the right place. Because that's what we've been doing for years in high quality.


With Thrindix you don't have to buy a full suite of survey tools straight away. No accreditations or lengthy training of HR staff. With little effort of your own, you get a carefully developed 360° feedback for the managers of your company with a digital evaluation tool for mobile phone, tablet, PC and, of course, and of course the conventional pdf-report. With our leadership model you can use it immediately - if you have your own leadership model or leadership principles, we will be happy to help you translate them into a systemic 360° feedback.

Do you have a good leadership development program and are you looking for a suitable tool to assess where your leaders stand?

We have developed a holistic and smart leadership model for our clients that largely covers all levels and fields of leadership. Our questionnaire has been developed with leading market researchers and is currently undergoing scientific validation. Yes, we constantly check our quality. But you would like more? Include additional questions? Focus on other topics? No problem either. It's just a little more expensive.

In this way, you offer the managers of your company a perfect assessment of their leadership skills for the start of a management training course, coaching or a change of position or career step.

In addition, you will learn more about the training needs in your company - and of course, your participants' data will be fully protected at the same time. Trust is our business.

You already use 360° feedback? Excellent, then you already know how to use it. Try ours and let us convince you. If not, let's get to know each other, we can only gain from it and both lose nothing.

You've read enough and want to try the Thrindix 360° Feedback?

Our Leadership Model

The indigu leadership model offers a well-considered framework to formulate a collective understanding of leadership based on corporate values. We can also make this measurable with 'Thrindix 360', for instance, to design strategies and processes for executive development using the results and to establish a sustainable leadership culture. To understand what this means, one must know how we at indigu interpret leadership:

The first place where I can (and must) start to lead is MYSELF. Self-leadership means gaining I-awareness , knowing, observing and appreciating oneself and one's personality and role(s), defining one's own limits and resources and finding out what works for myself. In other words: I must first learn to cooperate with myself.

Leading others, i.e. a TEAM means developing a YOU consciousness Discovering my own understanding of leadership, putting the development of other people at the centre of my work. The key is to play the game between accelerator and brake pedal: drive where drive is needed, reflect where deceleration is needed.

However, there is still something greater than the I and the YOU: the guidance and control of a SYSTEMThis is the discovery of SYSTEM consciousness. Forming values and rules. The great challenge at this level is to endure the ambivalences that arise. Promote resource and solution orientation and separate from what is harmful.

Leadership also takes place in several fields: (1) cognitively as Management To us, To Manage means to recognise differences, to develop visions of the future and goals, to prepare and make decisions and to analyse. From this, strategies are developed and innovation promoted., (2) in implementation as Shaping To Shape is the doing quality of leadership: goal-oriented action, living structures, keeping rules, following through with decisions, taking responsibility. and (3) in relationships as Leadership A leader achieves To Lead by actively building interpersonal relationships, communication, appreciation, giving meaning to work, motivating.Here too, each field is different, has different prerequisites and effects, pursues different goals and requires different competences. The goal is to achieve sustainable stability in leadership.

And one more thing

With the leadership model, leadership is depicted as a holistic topic. The economy changes, leadership changes. And with it, the current demands on leadership also change. We therefore always supplement our 360° feedback with 2-3 current leadership challenges from which our participants can choose:

Crisis Management + Diversity+ Intercultural Competence + Digitalisation Competence + Sustainability + Work Life Balance + ... Do you have other priorities? That's OK, we'll take care of it.

Thrindix is the first systemic 360° feedback on the market.

How can we afford to say that? For now, an answer to the following question:

What does systemic mean to us (indigu)?

Based on the idea of Matthias Varga von Kibéd, that if an explanation, theory, method, ... "A" contains less attributions than another explanation, theory, method, ... "B" one could call "A" more systemic than "B".

Therefore, the following applies to us:

+ With our approaches in 360° Feedback, we try to largely avoid attributions and absolute statements and instead create forward-looking assistance for further development.

+ With the help of our systemic leadership model, systemic questions and systemic interpretations in the report, we strive to become a bit more systemic in our attitude and work with every single survey.

And since "systemic" is not a term that is really easy to use, we will take the liberty of using the simplified term "systemic" for the time being.

What else on the subject of systemic?

+ No human being IS. Human behaviour is mostly context-dependent. We therefore go into each process step of 360° feedback with an inner attitude that ...
... objectivity is an illusion - Heinz von Förster - and
... every feedback given is the observation of an observer - Humberto Maturana - and
... everyone learns from it what they themselves consider necessary - Peter Senge
... thereby generate a positive irritation, i.e. a perturbation - Niklas Luhmann - which
... leads to visible improvements in the leadership behaviour in the resource space of the participants.

+ In our leadership model we look at the interplay between the levels of self-leadership, leading others and leading organisations as well as the leadership fields of management (thinking), shaping (acting) and leadership (feeling). In doing so, we work on the formation of differences and, as mentioned, try to avoid assessments to a large extent.

+ Direct feedback in a 360° feedback is the most radical (Reinhard K. Sprenger) form of information and thus distinctions or differences that make a difference - Gregory Bateson. The questions in Thrindix 360° Feedback are precisely designed to generate information that means an intervention that makes a difference for the leader and subsequently also for the team and ultimately for the organisation. Already in the preparation and implementation of the 360° feedback and of course even more in the interpretation of the results and the subsequent behavioural change of the leader, a change in the impact system unfolds.

Do you still have questions about the technical implementation? OK. Here are the answers:

You've read enough and want to try the Thrindix 360° Feedback?