indigu Leadership Model

The indigu leadership model offers a well-considered framework to formulate a collective understanding of leadership based on corporate values. We can also make this measurable with 'Thrindix 360', for instance, to design strategies and processes for executive development using the results and to establish a sustainable leadership culture. To understand what this means, one must know how we at indigu interpret leadership:

The Three Levels of Leadership:

Leadership is relationship, not just a role. Good leaders have learned to authentically embody their personal values and the values of the company on three levels of relationships:

  • Self-leadership: one's own body, mind, and soul.

  • Leading teams: the direct area of influence.

  • Leading systems: the bigger, like complex organizations.

It is important that both the company's values and one's own personal values are taken into account and lived out.

The Three Pillars or Sources of Leadership:

Leadership relies on three central sources, three pillars, which, when balanced, create a solid foundation:

  • Managing: The thinking in leadership. It brings clarity.

  • Shaping: The action in leadership. It generates realities.

  • Leading: The trust in and through leadership. It fosters relationships.