• Leadership profile in the internal competition

    How do leaders of an Upper Austrian company sharpen their leadership profile in the internal competition for coveted positions? Christoph Wolf and Barbara Guwak from GUPA accompanied a tailor-made management program that focused on reflection and constructive feedback. 'Straight Forward' not only opens space for introspection but was a well-thought-out menu for real development and growth. Multi-layered training modules, coaching and the precise 'Thrindix 360° Feedback' were the ingredients. Learn how even experienced managers can refine the art of winning and losing and continue to work together for their organization despite the competitive situation.

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  • How good leadership increases production

    It sounds like a truism, but companies that have introduced good management methods have been proven to improve output in production. As the subsidiary of an Austrian industrial group can report: By establishing the holistic indigu management model, productivity figures in production have increased by over 10%. Read here to find out how it all developed.

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