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Your profile created by our AI:

'Thrindi', as we affectionately call our well-tested and self-hosted AI, helps you to delve deep into the data of your feedbacks, achieving unparalleled quality in the interpretation of a 360° feedback. It suggests where you need to press which buttons to make your interpretation even better. Moreover, it creates fictional dialogues between your raters. For example, in a cafe at the end of the world, your leadership talks with the Direct Reports about your leadership behavior:

Our Software

Our software engineers, led by Jakob, ensure that your technical questions are answered quickly and that solutions are found if a problem arises.


A modern cockpit to create and manage your raters. Easy to use and video-assisted support will delight users.


Cockpit, questionnaires, evaluations as a web application, ... all of course available in German and English, with valid texts and recommendations for further development. Fast, dynamic and meaningful analyses - create different reports yourself, depending on your focus. Export charts and send them to your most important stakeholders.

Make your own questionnaire

You don't want to work with our leadership model? We think that's a shame, because it's really good. What you want to do is develop your own questionnaire with us and use it to create your own 360° feedback. Good, we can do that together. We can even do it very well together. There are certainly cheaper solutions for you, but probably few that are better.

Concentration on the essentials

In a nutshell: Thrindix 360° Feedback ...
... shows which strengths are observed by your environment.
... clarifies the background for the evaluations.
... helps to develop awareness for perceptions of behaviour in the workplace.
... paves the way for increased, decreased, new or simply different actions.
... puts the responsibility for development in your own hands.
... is fully electronically developed according to the age.
... contains good, valid algorithms.
... does not stop at naked feedback, but triggers processes of change.

Your profile created by our AI

Our well-tested and self-hosted AI interpretation helps you to delve deep into the data of your feedbacks, achieving unparalleled quality in the interpretation of a 360° feedback. It summarizes the open feedback for you and extracts surprising details from the vast data of your ratings.

Your data and that of your raters are in safe hands with us. Information security is a justifiably high priority at Thrindix.

The data centre where we host and process our data is certified according to ISO 27001. The server is located at in Germany, a leading provider in Europe.

Our platform is compliant DSGVO/GDPR.


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