Know your profile!

Because we do not always appear to others the way we would like to, or are seen the way we see ourselves. And that is quite normal. Each of us has them, the "blind spots". It is quite natural that in most cases the self-image and the image of others diverge. On top of that, the image of oneself and the image of others do not have to be identical. The honest feedback from others about how our competencies are seen should be an impulse for further development - an initial spark for self-reflection.

Bewusst Können transparent

Identify your profile and increase your leadership competence. The core idea of Thrindix 360° Feedback is to collect the various observations and impressions of different people and groups of people (your raters) and to present them in a comparable way using a valid leadership model. This provides you as a manager with a helpful tool for self-reflection and personality development.

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